lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Escudos nobiliarios.

A lo largo y ancho de nuestra ciudad, hay multitud de palacios y casas señoriales que datan, incluso, del siglo XII o siglo XIII, aunque la mayoría fueron posteriores al siglo XVIII.
Muchas de ellas pertenecieron a destacados personajes con títulos nobiliarios o a personas con linaje muy antiguo.
Por esta razón, podemos ver en sus fachadas, esculpidos en piedra, los escudos de algunas familias o instituciones. Aquí vemos el escudo del Hospital de San Juan, sito en la Plaza del Salvador.
Lengthways and width of our city, there is multitude of palaces and lordly houses that date back, even, to the 12th century or 13th century, though the majority they were later to the 18th century.
Many of them belonged to out-standing prominent figures with pertaining to nobility titles or to persons with very ancient lineage.
For this reason, we can see in its front, in stone, the family shields of some families or institutions. Here we see the shield of the Hospital of San Juan, placed in the Plaza of the Salvador.

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  1. Seeing your street names remind me of my trip to Sevilla last year. I was very surprised to find a street with my name - Calle Ó Donnell. I took some photo's but I am interested to find more information on how this street got it's name. Last week I was in Madrid for 2 days and I also found a street with my name and also a Metro station.
    My ancestors were chieftains in my area and had to flee from Ireland after a military defeat to the English in 1601. The sailed to Europe in 1607 in what is called "the flight of the Earls".They were hoping to secure military aid from Catholic Europe, mainly from Espana and France but this did not materialize.
    Aodh Rua Ó Dónaill ("Red" Hugh O Donnell) died in battle near Vallodolid.
    Are the streets named after him? Are his descendants still in Espana?