sábado, 14 de febrero de 2009

La Torre de la Iglesia de San Pedro.

Me gusta esta iglesia y me gusta esta torre. Me recuerda mucho a la gran torre de Sevilla: la Giralda. Es más pequeña que ésta pero tiene su belleza, sobre todo en su parte superior donde se alojan las campanas. Pertenece a la Iglesia de San Pedro.
I love this church and I like this tower. It reminds me a lot to the great tower of Seville: The Giralda. It is smaller than this but it has its beauty, especially in its upper part where the bell is housed. This tower is placed next to the Church of San Pedro.

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  1. Hi Juan, I have created a post similar to yours af a week weeks ago, it's called house art.

  2. Great photo! And beautiful church! This tower is wonderful, especially on the blue sky background!